How Can I do this Cake?

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I was asked by a friend to do this cake (but 1 tier only).
I am thinking 9 × 4 inch high – round cake. The cost to do the edible prints (will be ordering them) is a bit expensive and as you can see the edible money is going all around the cake. In addition the prints on the board is like the size of a standard 8 1/2 * 11 copy paper.

Any suggestions on the amount of prints and how to approach the cake will be appreciated.



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The Garden Baker ...

I would suggest taking a 9 inch pan since that is what you are thinking of using and rolling up strips of paper as tight or as loose as you think looks nice. Then place them rolled up around 1/4th of your pan. Multiply that by 4, add a few extra to be on the safe side and you have the number of bills that you need to go around the cake. Hope this has helped.

kmac ...

This has definitely helped
Thank you!

The Garden Baker ...

You’re very welcome :) Have fun with your project!