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Need help with a Baseball mitt cake

Hi everyone I am new to CakesDecor and I have seen a great baseball mitt...

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3D standing bottle cake

hi guys. I want to make a Smirnoff vodka bottle cake for a friend but...

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Rennae's Cakes


Need help finding a certain cutter

Just wondering if anyone can please help? I need to re create this cake and...

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clear ice cubes for cake

Hi Guys. I was wondering does anyone have a recipe for how to make ‘ice...

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Bottle cake

Hi everyone, I posted earlier about making a 3D Standing Smirnoff cake. It...

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Hi! I have baked two 6 inch cakes, they are around 1 and a half inch high....

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cupcake stand

Where could I buy a good quality cupcake acrylic stand that can hold up to...

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Cake combing tool

Hi all, being an extremely inexperienced cake maker and decorator I have...

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Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada


I need help with Giant Cupcake Cake

Hi, I have a customer asking me the price for a giant cupcake cake. I have...

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Using straws?

Hi, Amateur with a question. I’ve been hunting online for an answer and...

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Janine Lister


Cake topper spray

Just wondering if any one knows what the thin flat red wire is called i...

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Where to buy Flower cutters & veiners online

Hello Everyone I want to know the best where i can order flower cutters...

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Construction of a monster truck

I want to make my son a 3D monster truck cake. I’ve never constructed a cake...

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Good edible jewels and crystals

Can anyone point me in the direction of some good edible jewels and...

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Sugar&Spice by NA


Wedding cakeboard

I do have another question, I usually use a foam cake board to support the ...

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SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa


Tips for using Airbrush

I´ve just bought Cassie Brown´s Airbrush and I never used one. Can anyone...

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Nom Nom Sweeties


Best Airbrush?

I’m looking into buying an airbrush! So, I want to know what one you have,...

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My new face see what came out of it

My new face see what came out of it

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Searching for a decent turntable!

Right, I’m so cheesed off with my turntable, it is near impossible to get a...

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Looking for carousel horse silicone mold

Hi everyone, this days my husband is visiting Manhattan NY. Does anybody...