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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to finally share my first video tutorial which is now available to watch on YouTube! I’ll be uploading new tutorials as often as I can, so be sure...

Gumpaste flowers #2: Sugar rose part 2 of 2

Learn how to make a lovely sugar rose … the tut is not in English but subtitle included This is part 2 of 2 parts enjoy if you liked my video please subscribe for more content, and i’ll be happy if you shared the videos with your friends...


I have made a free photo tutorial on how to make a fabric- like sugar flower. Go to the link below for it if you are interested!

Tiffany blue sugar flower


How to make a gum paste or fondant calla lily

Here is a ‘how to’ that explains how you make your own calla lilies from fondant or gum paste. You can decorate your cake or cup cakes with these gorgeous flowers. If you are a beginner the calla lily is a good place to start! Calla lilies...

How to make a Coffee Flowers Tutorial by Tombi Peck

Here is the part two of the demonstration by Tombi Peck and Alan Dunn from the early 1990’s . This was the first time the Coffee flower and fruit had ever been demonstrated.

NO TOOLS 'Easy Rose' Tutorial

Hello :) Can you believe it’s possible to make a rose with no tools? No? Well, you need to see the video below and then you’ll believe!! It’s so easy to do, and did I mention you don’t need any tools??? Just your hands!!! You can use any...

CakesDecor theme: Gorgeous Sugar Flowers

Hello Everyone! This week’s theme is “Gorgeous Sugar Flowers”. I have been collecting pictures on this theme for a while now, and I am so thrilled to finally be able to display these stunning flowers all on one page! They all look...

Handcrafted Flowers

Record-winning edible wedding gown

Over the last three months, three of us (three crazy cake decorators and CakesDecor members) Pavlina Louckova of Klobouckovic dortiky, Hana Rawlings of Hana Rawlings Cake Design and Stana Mutlova of PunkRockCakes were extremely busy working on a...