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video-tutorial aisha winx cake topper fondant sugar paste

My Version of a Ranunculus Tutorial

Decided to upload my Ranunculus Tutorial that I posted to FB a while back of the flowers I used on my Christmas cake, since it is now easier to upload multiple photos for the blogs/tutorials in CD. I have also since used it to create the pink...

Training Courses and Demos

In addition to making cakes, I offer cake decorating courses and demos. Over the last few weeks I have been receiving requests to provide one to one training sessions and sessions to personal groups. So … by popular demand, I am now available... Cake Themes #13: Sugar Flowers and Gumpaste Flowers

It’s been a long time I posted a Blog entry to this Series. I noticed that there were lot of Sugar Flowers and Gumpaste flowers posted lately and I would like to show you some of them on one place. If you know about any other flowers that are on...

How I Made My Ranunculus Flowers

Sharing my passion of sugar flowers

Hi everyone, I am brand new to this site which I assume is to post about cake entries and all related…I am a sugar artist who makes sugar flowers.. It is my passion and there is never enough time in my day to spend making them. I started as a...