Cake painting #1: Lamù Cake watercolor effect

Lamù painted cake

Here are all the photographs, step by step, to do this cake.

The base is a Quattro Quarti cake, with 4 eggs, filled with a chocolate mousse (recipes card on the web site)

Painting Lamù.
To best understanding of my tecnique watch my video on You tube with the whole procedure:

Tutorial – Lamù dipinta su PDZ

Use alcol for mix food colors and to obtain the watercolor effect.

The cake

Here is an alternative decoration for the same painting

You can download "the card of the tutorial for your collection on our website ":

I hope you enjoy!!!

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Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Very pretty! Thank you for sharing!xoxo

Daniela Piemontese ...

Bellissima :-)

Laura Ciccarese ...

Thank you!!!!!!!

Xclusive ...

lovely tutorial!

Carla Del Sasso ...

happy whit the tutorial ,thank you X

Laura Ciccarese ...


Mercioccasion ...

Nice work, I love it

Laura Loukaides ...

Great tutorial!!
The cake looks lovely too!!
Thank you for sharing!! Xx

Laura Ciccarese ...

Thanks :)