New beginnings #24: Omg! Way above my level :-/

My good friend had been in touch and asked if I could make a special cake for her grand parents 60th diamond wedding anniversary.
They wanted the original wedding cake creating with an edible photo inset to.
I started googling and came across the magenta picture above and sent it to them as an idea of how the picture would look.
The next thing I new this was what they wanted this exact cake which is actually a photo frame not a cake :-/
I rose to the challenge and started figuring and planning how I was going to do it.
I had a special bell topper made and engraved by a company on eBay called laserables I was over the moon when it came.
I searched for moulds I needed a large rose, swags,bows and piping.
I had allowed myself 3 days to make the cake.
Day 1 didn’t happen as I had an emergency cake to make.
Day 2 cake baked and started on moulded decorations but then my cakey adventure got up and left when I learned my friend had passed away :-(
Day 3 still not feeling the cakey love but I had a cake to honour!
With the help of my mum watching my little one I had until 5pm to finish the cake.
I set to work, I torte the 10,8,6 inch cakes filled and crumb coated along with icing them too.
A quick dash on the school run and I had 2 hours to go.
I printed the wedding photo off and a template that I needed to carved out of the cake.
There was this nice white iced 3 tier cake and I was about the hack chunks out of it :-/ if it went wrong or didnt work I would have no time to do anything!
I jumped straight in and was scared at all the cake I was taking out but I managed it and now needed to fix all the decorations on.
I had already sought help from various Facebook pages about the best method for this and the majority said royal icing.
I found a recipe on the Internet and set about making it for the first time.
I was quite surprised at how easy it was. I’m now looking forward to making flooded biscuits and maybe even royal icing a full cake :0)
Back to the cake the picture was set into the cake and secured yeah it worked now just to add the decorations
I found the best way to do this was applying the icing with a paint brush i found some cracks appeared but wee easily sealed with a smidge of icing :-)
The cake was on the board the ribbon put around and diamanté pins places around.
I stood back and realised I had finished with one minute to spare 4:59 I was happy I just hoped they liked it.
They arrived to pick the cake up and my friends mum cried tears of joy she was over the moon and so was I mission complete x
Above is the photo that I have just been sent if the cake been cut 60 years on :0)

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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