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Pressure Piping. "CHOCOLATE" Cookie Card

Magic Night..Romantic Heart Cookie.


So we’ve coated and decorated our cake, and the time has come to write an inscription. This is where most of us will start to get butterflies in our tummies. We’ve spent so much time decorating our cake and we don’t want to ruin it with an ugly...

Vintage cookie card

How to Make the BEST PIPING CONES for Cake Decorating

In this Yeners Cake Tip, Serdar Yener talks about the method he uses to make piping cones and all the benefits of doing it this way.

Beautiful Bouquets #5: Red berry, ranunculus & rose buttercream wreath cake

Hi all, The final cake of this series and my personal favourite, a red berry, ranunculus, “snow white” dahlia and rosebud crescent wreath cake tutorial. More details are in the blog post, linked below. blog post with written...

Beautiful Bouquets #3: modern buttercream ruffled & closed peony wreath cake

Hi all, this is the third cake in the series, a crescent shaped wreath of my new designs for ruffled & smooth closed buttercream peonies, and stylised chrysanthemums. The natural colour theme of this cake is blueberry, which was used to...

Beautiful Bouquets #2: Pink "million flower" buttercream ring wreath cake tutorial

Hi all, this is the second cake in the series, (almost) a million pink and purple buttercream flowers in a domed ring wreath. The natural colour theme of this cake is beetroot, which was used to make all of the shades of pink. More details...

Innovative buttercream fruit & flowers: #6: Guava & guava blossom

Hi all, welcome to the final tutorial of this series, and my most favourite buttercream flowers of all time – the magnificent guava blossom. I really enjoyed making these cakes although it was pretty hard work, I hope you enjoyed watching...

Innovative buttercream fruit & flowers: #4: blush pear & blossom

hi all, part 4: blush pears & pear blossom wreath. Dust those buttercream flowers! blog post: click here Visit my channel: click here Subscribe: click here: