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How to make little roses from royal icing

I do realize most of you know how to make little roses… but I have been asked on my facebook a few times, how do I make them, that’s why I thought to make a little tutorial. Hope you like it and it will be useful for some of you ;)

CakesDecor Theme: Cookies - A Work Of Art

Hello everyone! This week’s theme is cookies. I have loved looking through these photos but it was sooo difficult to choose as I wanted to showcase every piece I looked at! There are a few artists who only create cookies and every single one...

How to make your own piping bag quick and easy video tutorial

Really quick and easy video on making your own piping bag. One of the first videos I made on Youtube :)

Victorian Fashion Inspired Fondant

When you think of Victorian inspired cupcake designs you immediately think of romance and perhaps exquisite. Perhaps the accessories from Rose’s vanity (in her room on the Titanic). Handmade lace doilies, heavy luxuries mirrors, Halcyon...

Having Fun with The Lambeth Method of Cake Decorating

Lambeth method of piping is one of the most skilled techniques in cake decorating. In 1934 Joseph Lambeth shared his ornate style of cake decorating when he wrote and published his book The Lambeth Method of Cake Decorating. If you find a...

How i make swan decorations for wedding cookies or tarts.

This video i made to show how i make swan decorations out of royal icing or butter cream. Hope you like it.

French Strawberry-Cherry Blossom Macaron Tutorial

French macarons have become a favorite pastry among most of my friends and family. I flavor my shells as well as the filling, therefore when you bite into the aromatic macaron the flavor sensation is amazing! I thought since Sydney will be...

New beginnings #24: Omg! Way above my level :-/

My good friend had been in touch and asked if I could make a special cake for her grand parents 60th diamond wedding anniversary. They wanted the original wedding cake creating with an edible photo inset to. I started googling...

Bodice Tutorial is undergoing changes

Undergoing change

Easy Buttercream Ruffles

Ruffles are everywhere these days, and recently I had a bride want ruffles on her wedding cake. But not fondant ruffles – Oh no, she wanted butter cream ruffles. So I took a few hours to figure them out and I documented the process. Let’s...