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World of Wafer #1: Painted Wafer Flower an Original Design by Marianna Saran

Potato starch, vegetable oil and water are my new found friends. No I haven’t gone on a frenzy diet of carbs, I am talking about wafer paper. Wafer paper has hit the cake decorating industry by storm and I have to say I am one of the people...

Royal Icing Lily of the Valley Sugar Cookies

The classic art of royal icing piping has never really gone away. I am happy to say in the last few years royal icing has become popular, even trendy with a modern twist. There are a multitude of decorative uses for royal icing from simple...

Tutorial for orchid flower

I made this tutorial for Dolce Vita magazine, it is made from gumpaste. Enjoy

Introduction to Sugar (Gumpaste) Flower Making

This is a simple introduction to sugar (gumpaste) flower making, based on common questions asked. If you are totally new to flower making it is best to start with some simple leaves – this will get you used to using the paste (rolling and...

Quick Ref Guide - Wire Gauges for Sugar (Gumpaste) Flowers

Reference chart… very useful for beginners and intermittent flower makers

Making a Rose with White Chocolate Modelling Paste

Making a Rose with Modelling Chocolate Tutorial I loved how fun and different these were to make. I found chocolate to be much more slap-dash than what sugarcraft is. When you use flower paste to model your flowers you use very precise methods,...

Simple flower cookies tutorial

I hope that it is all self explanatory from the pictures, but just incase, i ball the flower on a flower/foam pad, use water to stick pieces on except for the balls (for these i use piping gel). Hope it is of help to someone! Sarahx

Calla Lilies and a Daffodil

This is my first daffodil, I tried it out and im not completely happy with the results but I shall be trying again soon. The trumpet is dusted red as it was all originally yellow, but I felt like it was a little flat? But yes my first self...

CakesDecor Awards: Floral Cakes #1: Announcement

We are just announcing the Floral Cakes Awards and there are 21 amazing cakes submitted already. What a great feeling to see that you like to enter our Awards each quarter. Theme – Floral Cakes What could express the spring season better than...

Fondant rosette tutorial

Hello every one i made this tutorial to show how i made my cake.If some one interested , please watch my video. Thank you.