Painted Giraffe Print on Fondant Cake

This tutorial is to paint the Giraffe print on the botom tier of this cake, for the tutorial on the Giraffe figurine follow this link

I’m using 2 colours to paint
1. with the first is a mixture of 1tsp Vodka, 1/2 tsp Americolour Ivory gel colour & 1tsp Fleshtone Airbrush colour
2. Second is straight Fleshtone Airbrushcolour ( I use the Chefmaster brand but any is fine)

Starting with a light tan fondant cover cake, dowel ready if stacking note I have 3 extra small hole this is to prevent air bubbles forming under the fondant as this was done in very humid conditions, because I am stacking these will not been seen, allow fondant to dry a little I left overnight as it becomes easier to paint on

Now using a fine short brush ( I used a DAS 5/0 round taklon white) paint an outline of the print you are wanting in the pure Airbrush fleshtone colour, Giraffe print is random oblong shapes with some curving and some pointed with bare spaces running between, make sure you do some of these shapes half on the side of the cake going up over the edge to the top as this makes it more realistic

Once you have done the outlines, take a small flat brush ( I used a DAS 1/4" flat taklon white) and with the mixed colour paint from the outside edge into the centre using small circular strokes this gives it a mottles appearance more like fur

Finished painting allow to dry for about 15minutes then you are ready to stack etc

Jo, NZ,


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Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn ...

Awwwwww! Jo, he’s adorable!!! And the whole cake is fabulous! Love it :) xxx

Ciccio ...

Hi Raewyn thanks just putting up tutorial for figurine as well then adding cake to list

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Thank you so much for sharing Jo!!! This is great!!! xx

Ciccio ...

Thanks again Ana

LayersandCrumbs ...

Lovely… thank you for sharing!
x ade

Naomi.H. ...

love it..

Kate ...

Fabulous! A great tute Jo – thanks for sharing!

Verusca Walker ...

I love the idea Jo. Thank you xxx

Callicious Cakes ...

this is absolutely amazing!! you are so talented… thank you so much for sharing :) xx

Liz123 ...

Thank you for this tutorial.

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Thank you, gorgeous cake :)