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How to make easy gold sequins cake.

How to use luster dust

How to use luster dust

Sugar Pansy Cupcakes

Pansies always fascinated my grandma she loved Spring and all the beautiful blooming flowers. Last night my beloved grandma past away, she was 101 years old. She blessed me with amazing stories of her life, her optimistic outlook, and her wisdom....

CakesDecor Theme: Painted cakes

This week’s theme is ‘Painted Cakes’. There is currently a big design trend in the cake decorating world for painted cakes, and here on CakesDecor we are so lucky to be able to see so many of them! Each and every one has the wow factor! ...

T-rex Dinosaur Feet

What can I said…I love reptiles! big, small you name it…LOL. But if you want to learn some texturing and coloring techniques take a look at this tutorial because its full of good info for you ;) Click on the link for full tutorial:)...

Fondant airbrush painting of a horse...

How to paint on fondant with airbrush. "":

The making of part #2! Airbrush painting on fondant.

The making of part #2! Airbrush painting on fondant. "":""

The Caketastics: Barcelona´s K´taark Attack Cake

I want to show you what we did Daniel (Fogar12Fogar), Mayte (Maytartas) and me at the International BCNandCake Exhibition. We made the first live Megaworkshop/experience in Spain during the four days of the exhibition. That was an amazing...

Botticelli painted cakes

I made these two following painted cakes as a tribute to Renaissance, taking inspiration from both Botticelli’s painting (Villa Lemmi fresco and The Fortitude) and italian majolica painting. I used the Deco Biscuit technique for the nude sponge...

Painting on fondant!

I have been looking at how to paint on cakes, and found a simple edible paint recipe! But as I’m not that good at painting I was hoping their was a way to trace an image, and paint over it! So if you know any ways please let me know! :D Thanks!