Cheap - easy BLACK FONDANT!

I made this tutorial (my first ever) a couple of months ago when I needed a small amount of black fondant for a special project… it was an experiment that worked brilliantly!!! Hope you get some help from it, click through the pictures for instructions please :)

The objective was to make an economical black coloured fondant – because here it is about $16 for 500 grams and I think thats a terrible price…
I begin with just 10 ordinary white marshmallows (cheaper ones work best for fondant) – place them in a microwave safe bowl and add 3 to 4 teaspoons of BLACK POWDER FOOD COLOURING and 1 teaspoon of water, give it a little mix and pop in the zapper for 30 seconds. Take it out and stir the mix with something rigid, I used the metal end of my favourite spatula. Stir in about 3/4 cup of PURE ICING SUGAR and mix until the mixture is hard to move, then transfer it to a food safe mat of some kind or a glass table (this might stain granite or marble, so dont chance it).

Using your hands either with or without gloves (I did it without and was pleased it didnt stain too much) add about another half cup of the sugar and about a teaspoon of Tylose (for stability – add a little more if you think it will need it.. if it is extra humid for instance) and knead it in.

Keep on kneading and adding the sugar about 1/4 cup or less at a time until the fondant is beginning to be less sticky. When you think it isnt too sticky, add the sugar a tablespoon at a time and continue to knead. The whole kneading time I used was 20 minutes for this)

Just showing here how it was in the bowl I used… I soaked it in water for about the time it took me to knead, and it came clean with no problems at all.

So, keep on kneading in little bits of sugar, when you think it is the consistency of fondant, go and wash your hands – you will need to :p

The black came off my hands easily with just warm water and soap :) – this photo was taken BEFORE I washed them :p

When my hands were clean, I took a small amount of Copha (Trex or Crisco is about the same thing), and coating the palms of my hands, I kneaded the fondant a little more…. at this stage, it is firm and a beautiful dark colour, and it stains your tongue, I tasted a tiny amount, seeing if it was palatable and it is :)

I put the ball into a freezer bag, twisted the bag and turned it back on itself as many times as I could and left it to settle for about 8 hours

The final product is about a cup of beautiful black fondant which will roll really well, and set hard with some more tylose kneaded in. I am really happy with the result, it came out much better than I thought it would thats for sure. So there it is, my home made black marshmallow fondant :) Hope this helps :)

For the full tutorial please click here

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Bake Cuisine ...

Awesome! This is a brilliant idea.thanks alot for sharing:) btw did u use 10 marshmellows as in 10 medium size marshmellows?

Colleen and Kyle ...

Hi Amber, yes 10 ordinary sized.. cheap marshmallows.. I live in Australia… they are about half again the size of Pastel Marshmallows, of course you could use those too.. just add a couple more marshmallows.. or adjust the other ingredients down :)

Sarahoz ...

Really wow,thanks for sharing your wonderful founding :)

scrumptioussweet ...

you could do that with any colour then ……..!

Jacinta ...

This is great to know. Thank you for sharing this :)

ExpertAmateur ...

How do you feel about gel food coloring? Do you think it would work as well?

Colleen and Kyle ...

I must say I havent tried any other colour, but for an intense colour, I think it would work… I should try I guess :p
About the Gel colouring.. I guess you mean for black? I personally have found many other ‘black’ colouring (gels included)to go green or blue… so.. for ME… I will use this method when I require black fondant.. by all means, experiment and let us all know here ExpertAmateur. I do like gels for more subtle colours… I think we use too much if we try to intensify the colour as I have done here… just a thought :D

Thank you for sharing… I am so glad people like this way of making it :D