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How to Make Quick and Easy Roses and Filler Flowers | No Cutters

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Halloween Toppers #1: Easy Ghost & Pumpkin Cupcake Toppers

For a fully detailed step by step tutorial on each of these, please visit my Facebook page at and I also want to edit my feature on the Satin Ice blog (this is the link for the tutorials...

Making a Kanzashi-style Flower

There are variations of this, and you can have it sitting flat on your cake or standing upright using a toothpick. The ideas are endless. Here’s a simple one to get you going :)...

A different way to make an autumnal leaf.

Hi lovely people, first of all I have to say that I was inspired by watching this video on YouTube: Draw a leaf onto a piece of paper, cut it off and use it as a mold to cut...

Especial bodas magazine tutoriales

Halloween cake

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Free Video TUTORIALS #1: Water Balloon

Here’s how I made water balloons for SPLASH! cake. CAKE DESIGN MODELLING – Water Balloon Tutorial – il mondo di ielle

Pineapple & Flamingo Cookie Tutorials

Hi! I have created my very first tutorials and would love to share them with you guys. The first one is a 3D stand up Pineapple cookies and the Second is my Marbled Flamingo Cookies. Both cookie designs use Satin Ice Fondant. You can find...

Cake topper little Duck

DIY Treasure Chest

Could be used as a cake topper or a party favor. Made from RKTs and fondant. Fill it with candy or decoration. I made fondant coins and pearls. The gems are crushed Jolly Ranchers. I made it to go along with the Pirate ship cake topper I made....