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Marshmallow Lego Head Bites!


DIY S'mores Treats For National S'mores Day!


Cupcakes! #13: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Cupcakes w/ green 'slimer' filling!


Treat pops! #8: Lego head marshmallow pops!


Treat pops! #6: Santa bag and coal cookie pops!


Christmas fondant figurines

I must admit I had to give myself a tap in the shoulder for making these fondant figurines. Instead of putting them on a cake I have used it on the gingerbread house. Christmas is almost here and I love seeing all the decors and ornaments and...

LMF Fondant Tutorial

How to make my marshmallow fondant (fondly named LMF by it’s fans) This fondant works like the expensive stuff (tastes amazing) but only costs a fraction of the price and you can use it immediately. You can roll it out very thin with no tearing...

Deb Miller's Vanilla Marshmallow Fondant

This is my recipe for Vanilla Marshmallow Fondant. It’s very smooth to work with, drapes beautifully, and tastes somewhat like candy corn. I’ve been asked for the recipe, so I figured I’d finally write it down and share it. It’s color is a...

Cheap - easy BLACK FONDANT!

I made this tutorial (my first ever) a couple of months ago when I needed a small amount of black fondant for a special project… it was an experiment that worked brilliantly!!! Hope you get some help from it, click through the pictures for...

Marshmallow fondant

Marshmallow icing fondant Make day before going to use 3 tablespoon measure water Pastry scrapper Sifter Rubber spatula 1/2 cup Trex 2lb icing sugar 16oz marshmallow Put marshmallows in bowl and add 3 tablespoons of water. Put in...