How to make a Baby Rump Cake

Are you thinking of a great idea to welcome a new baby into the world through cake? Well here is a tutorial on how to make a baby rump cake that will have all the guest at the party loving your cake.

I started by making crispy rice treats by following the instructions on the box of cereal. I placed the treats on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. I then lined one of the pan halves from the Sports Ball Pan Set with plastic wrap and packed the treats in the pan and leveled it off

I then flipped it out, peeled off the plastic wrap, and coated the bump with Decorator Icing to make a smoother surface for my fondant. I then covered it with White Fondant and made two mini banana-shaped pieces to create the legs for my cake. I also coated these with the icing.

Using the Natural Colors Multi-pack Fondant, I mixed some of the Light Brown and Dark Brown fondant to create the skin tone for my baby. It was easy to use! I just kneaded the colors together and rolled them out using confectioner’s sugar and the Perfect Height Rolling Pin. I used my Cutter/Embosser to cut the fondant and cover my pieces. Using my Fondant Smoother, I was able to cover the pieces and make a smooth surface.

I then took more of my treats and worked them into a flat peanut shape with a slightly larger portion at the top to create the feet. I covered them with the icing and fondant again using the fondant smoother to make the feet.

When done, I worked on creating the tiny little toes by rolling pieces of fondant into little balls. Once I created the sizes I wanted, I attached the toes with a brush and water, sort of bending the foot a little and using the veining tool from the Fondant and Gum Paste Set, I pressed in the wrinkles of the bottom of the feet, and propped them up on a butter knife.

I was now ready to start assembling my project. I started with an 8” cake circle and put a dab of icing on the board. I then attached the fondant covered baby bottom and legs on top of the icing to hold them in place.

Using the Fabric Fondant and Gum Paste Mold (the mold has a lot of neat shapes including buttons!), I created two strips using the widest section of the mold by pressing white fondant into the mold. These strips were the elastic leg sections of my diaper. I then laid the strips over the leg/diaper area and pushed them in slightly with my veining tool.

I cut the excess off with my Cutter/Embosser and then lifted the pieces, brushed them with water, and then laid them back down pushing the ends under with the tool. I then attached the feet using more Decorator Icing. It is easy to play around with the feet trying different positions! Don’t you want to just go up and tickle those toes???

Using Yellow Fondant from the Pastel Colors Multi-Pack, I rolled it out with confectioner’s sugar and the Wide Glide Rolling Pin. Using my Cutter/Embosser, I cut out a large square shape of fondant. I then created a diamond pattern on my blanket using the embosser wheel and a ruler. I then used the cutter wheel to make fringe on the blanket by cutting strips and cut the four corners of the blanket and then draped the blanket over the baby.

I lifted and moved the blanket until I was happy with how I had it positioned over the baby. It is easy to use different colors and patterns for the blankets or even use Rubber Ducky Icing Decorations.

After my first rump cake, I was more confident that I had my ideas down pat, that they were workable, and that I was ready to make a second rump cake presentable for a baby shower. My second cake used the pink from the Natural Colors Multi-Pack Fondant for the skin color following the same instructions above.

For the blue baby blanket, I decided to make a larger blanket using the blue fondant from the Pastel Colors Multi-Pack adding a little white and some other blue fondant I had made. I kneaded that, rolled it out and cut a square. Then I used the green fondant from the Pastel Colors Multi-Pack and pressed that in the rick rack section on the Fabric Fondant and Gum Paste Mold and attached that to the blue blanket with water. I used the embosser on this blanket too.

When I put this blanket on the rump, I used my fingers to curl up the corners of the fondant to give the blanket a little detail. I then put that cake on top of a chocolate iced cake decorated with blue and green Sugar Pearls on the sides.

I would cover the cake with fondant in the future, or at least the outline of the cake circle. When I went to remove the rump layer, my chocolate icing stuck to the bottom of the cake circle. Duh! I should have known better!!!

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