Easter Basket with Royal Icing Needle Point

Needlepoint royal icing piping is a unique technique to take your sugar cookies or cakes (even cupcakes) to the next level. I adore the intricate piping skills that can be achieved with a cornet and nozzle. Although piping a needlepoint pattern onto a sugar cookie or cake is pretty straight forward it is time consuming. A detailed needlepoint royal icing cookie can take several hours to finish. The end result is a…

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Bobbie Bakes


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Allways Julez ...

Beautiful, Bobbie… love your patience!!!

La borsa di Mary Poppins...dalla cucina al fimo ...

meraviglioso! Provero’ :)

maryjdavies ...

Wow! They look amazing and so intricate!

Leo Sciancalepore ...

looks very nice, thanks for sharing

Znique Creations ...

Fantastic thanks