Fondant tyres

I took some step by step pics while making the wheels and tyres for my combine harvester cake so thought I’d share, any questions please ask hope it’s useful to someone here’s a link to the finished cake I used them on x...

Gumpaste Carnations - no special cutters required (with lots of pictures!)

Hi all, By request :) I took photos of every step so I hope this should be clear and detailed enough for beginners like myself to follow (I’ve discovered it’s rather hard to balance a camera in one hand lol). These are some carnations I made...


Filler flower

It was my spontaneous idea, hope it helps somebody :) How it works on the cake, take a look at my first tiered wedding cake (in my album:)

Sweet Angel - tutorial

cornflower tutorial

I use Nicholas Lodge gum paste receipt what dries really fast . With this flower I preferred to tape the star side flowers to the base until they were still soft a little, it prevents breaking them. I never saw a cornflower tutorial, but I needed...

Classic Over-piped Scrolls and Trellis Cake

Royal icing stringwork is a delicate piping technique that can be used to create gorgeous trellis, cushion work, and add ornamental designs to any cake. The elegance of elements add panache and an professional finished look. You can use this...

Tulip cupcake tutorial

Ariel gone crazy

The making of Ariel not-so-little mermaid.... #2: Final steps