CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 6.02 / February 2017

This month we have some absolutely gorgeous cakes and Valentine’s day cookies to hopefully inspire you to make some of these for your loved ones on this special day.

Our interview is with the truly brilliant cake artist Marta Hidalgo Jiminez whose works just keep getting better and better.I know you guys will just love getting to know her much better as she is a true gem within our cake community. We also are featuring a great new modeling chocolate by Flexique that looks like it could be an absolute winner and a yummy Chocolate fudge mud cake that our beautiful member ""cakemummy" was gracious enough to share with us.

Mark Degrossseilliers was also kind enough to give us a step by step on his beautiful Royal garden cake which I hope some of you will try. I get open and honest in my editorial about something many of us suffer with and then don’t forget to check out who made my editor’s choice and rising star awards for this month and all the fantastic cakes in collaboration station and the top 5 cakes for last month, they were off the charts crazy good.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day my sweet friends , love every day and everyone in your life like there is no tomorrow.

Shags, xoxoxo

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Sandra Smiley ...

It is another great issue, Sharon. I particularly enjoyed the Editorial and believe your honesty will help others. You are right that this group is always ready to lend support to any of its members who need it.

Cakemummy ...

Love it Shags. Happy Valentines day

Sweet Creations Cakes ...

really amazing issue, loved it so much

Calli Creations ...

Another great read and as always love reading your editorial. You’ve been on a journey that many of us relate to, thank you for sharing with us. ❤❤

Lallacakes ...

Fabulous issue!! Thanks so much for your work,Happy Valentine’s day too!!!

Elli Warren ...

Thank you for another fabulous gazette!! :-) x

Adelina - "Le Torte DecorArte" ...

Amazing read, so much interesting and useful information, loved it!!