I love cake decorating!!! I started 3 years ago when my daughter ask for a 3D cake for her baby shower. I did not have a lot of money for these beautiful expensive cakes so I decided I purchase the cake and do the 3D forest animals. I had no idea how to do them at all but with the coaching of You Tube I was able to do them and it was a success. Ever since I got obsessed with cake decorating. I have done several cakes and they have come out good but I want to do great cakes as I have seen so many amazing cakes!!!! I have purchase many tutorial classes from Craftsy and do lots of research on cake decorating. I will never stop trying to learn and I do ask many questions from cake decorators or just people who make cakes and I am so appreciated when they answer. I am obsessed. One day I hope to open a little business but I know I have still a lot to learn.


Hi there! Thank you for y0our comment on my Frankenstein cake! I like your work too soooooo here’s a new follower!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Thank you kindly. Your cakes are amazing thanks again!!