Stace's Bakes


Stace's Bakes

Apr 2014 31 Doncaster, UK

Hi, I'm stace, a 26 year old mother of 5. Soon to be wed :)
I'm a complete amateur cake maker/decorator. I started 2 years ago on my youngest daughters 1st birthday. I got the bug straight away!! Ice built up quite a collection of tools, knowledge and happy "clients", especially my kids. The problem is, I'm always looking for more. I will never become a professional because I find it stressful enough as it is!!
Happy to exchange ideas and tips. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism welcome :)
Thanks for looking


Little Apple Cakes

Hi Stace, thank you for the follow, can’t wait to see your creations!! <3

Sweet Foxylicious

Thanks for the follow x

Stace's Bakes

Completely new to this so please bare with me =)

Znique Creations

Thank you Stace, new follower of your work too xx


Hello Stace, thank you for the follow. Your cakes are very pretty :)

Stace's Bakes

Awww thank you :)