Q&A: Cake Delivery in Summer

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I’m curious as to how cake decorators deliver their cakes in hot humid months? I have a system. I’d like to hear what others do.

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I use Sedar Yenner’s portable cooler, made from a heavy cardboard box and bottles of frozen water. It works like a charm. The only difference in my and his design is that mines opens on one side instead of the top. That allows the cake to easily be slide in and out, rather than lowering it into the box and then having to lift it out through the top. I could never lift a heavy cake like that, hands just won’t do it.

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So I kinda do a version of Yerner’s and Avalon cakes, but with some tweaking that suited my situation. My cakes have only been 9” one tier. We have a few fresh food delivery companies here that deliver food in insulated cardboard boxes. The bottom of the box are filled with frozen ice packs. I kept one of the boxes, and the ice packs. The box fit nicely into our very large soft sided insulated cooler. I lined the bottom of the box with the freezer packs, put in a sturdy bread board on top of the ice packs. Then rubber mat on the bread board, then the cake. To be extra cautious, I wrapped the cake in parchment paper, then put rolled towels on either side of the cake, so cake wouldn’t move. Just in case of a shift while driving. Folded over the cardboard box, zipped up the insulated cooler bag. Worked great, and ice packs were still frozen the next day.
This wouldn’t necessarily work for a larger 2 tier cake. But definitely Yerner’s or Avalon cakes version certainly would. I couldn’t imagine transporting anything larger than 2 tiers in the summer! Hats off to those that do!!

-- Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎