Q&A: How to make a round cake?

I want to make a basketball cake and I do have the round Wilton pans. When I’ve made a round cake before, the bottom half tended to smush instead of holding it’s shape. Would it be better to make the bottom half from Rice Krispy treats or do I just need a much more sturdy recipe, like pound cake?

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Dear Sandra

The bottom cake should be a round cake and top should be a hemisphere ..then carve the down portion into a hemisphere to suit the top…then the cake wud be sturdy even with whipping cream and does not move…of course you have dowel them

Hope this helps


I definitely agree you need a sturdy cake. Doesn’t necessarily mean a pound cake. Whenever I want a sturdy “regular” cake, I add sour cream/yogurt. For 1 1/2-2 cups batter 1/4 cup. This does the trick. That way, you can use pretty much any recipe. ❤️

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Sandra, I use pound cake.

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Thank you, Dr. RB and rdevon! I will take both of your suggestions into consideration!

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I use the large Wilton half ball pan for both bottom and top and add supports in the bottom.

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Thanks, Jacqui! How do you keep the support(s) from showing or do you just use one central dowel?

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