Q&A: The best fondant/sugarpaste???

Hi guys I am living in Ireland, and was just wondering on peoples opinion about different fondants? I have been using renshaws regalice but find it way to sticky.


Hi Martina – I’m in the UK, and without any doubt, the best sugarpaste is Massa Ticino Tropic. This is because it can be rolled thinly, it is very forgiving of any lumps and bumps underneath, it never cracks, tastes great… It is not cheap, but it can be rolled thinly, so you use less. A second choice would be Couture from Cake Stuff. It is currently on sale at The Cake Decorating Company. it is worth every penny!

Obviously different brands of fondant are available in different areas of the world. I’m in Canada, and I’ve used Renshaw. It’s readily available, but quite expensive. What I have found the best to do is buy a better quality fondant, and a cheaper brand and mix them together. Usually, but not always, the cheaper brands are on the dry side. So combining the two makes for a better fondant. But if you want your fondant to me a bit less sticky, add some cornflour, about 15 ml and knead it in. That should help.

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Best by far is Massa Ticino Tropic. It’s available from The Cake Decorating Company. Yes, it’s more expensive than other brands but you don’t use as much as it can be rolled thinner. I used to stress about rhino skin when covering cakes but Massa negates all that stress as it never fails to perform well.


I use Satin Ice white and Satin Ice black and am happy with both. I add my own colors to everything else.
I also usually use a mixture of 50% Satin Ice and 50% homemade modeling chocolate and have never had a problem with stickiness.

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For covering the cake I use a local brand (Greek), because it works well and it tastes good. I only have problems when it’s too hot and there is moisture. For modeling I prefer Saracino.


i used renshaws 1 time it was awfull for me !

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I make my own fondant, using Liz Marek’s LMF recipe. It is easy, tastes good (can be flavored any way you like), and is inexpensive. It works very well. If I need red or black, however, I buy Satin Ice because it is just too hard to make the dark colors.

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