Q&A: Hot air balloon

I want to make a hot air balloon cake.do you know somebody the technique? Or free tutorial for that design? Did they use a real balloon inside or what?

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If you go onto YouTube and type in hot air balloon cake, several tutorials pop up. You will have to look at several to see if any of them meet what you’re looking for.

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Le mieux est d’utiliser une boule en polystyrène pour faire le ballon
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Otra forma se hacer un globo aerostatico si quieres que todo sea comestible : es con la tecnica del globo hinchado y papel Mache pero forrando con fondant. En este enlace veras que la tecnica es muy sencilla y se puede aplicar a muchos elementos una vez seco el fondan explotas el globo y lo sacas por la abertura https://youtu.be/SbFOWNhN1xQ
Y otra forma seria con RKt tecnica rice krispies y masmellows

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In mst of the cases, we use Styrofoam ball 🏀⚽ inside and add shortening over that n add fondant to make a hot air balloon.. With the help of 2candy sticks, insert in 2 sides from below the ball n then make a basket to attach it with the ball. You can find many tutorial videos for hot air balloon setup for cakes

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