Q&A: Best Rose Making Method?

What’s the best method for making Roses?

I used the Wilton Method, Wilton petal cutter and a separate petal cutter and then completely by hand…does anyone have a recommendation?



There are as many ways of making roses as there are decorators/decorating tutorials!!! YouTube is full of them. As Sandra posted, you will have to try a few methods and see which feels the most comfortable for you. I personally don’t use a ball tool to thin my petals. I’ve used this tutorial https://www.saracinodolci.co.uk/2018/12/19/beautiful-rose/. Simple to follow.

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Hi! There are a ton of amazing sugar artists out there and it’s so hard to pick one. One of my personal favorites are Angela Morrison. Her attention to detail and clear instructions definitely helped me to UP my rose game! I’ll include a link to Angela Morrison’s Instagram so you can view her work and have access to her online classes through her bio 😊 Also there are so many different mediums to work with now on sugar flowers (gumpaste, wafer paper, modeling chocolate, race paste, etc.) that if one isn’t working out for you, you can try using another. Good luck on your crafting!


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Todas las respuestas anteriores son fantásticas. Los moldes de silicona para texturizar son absolutamente deliciosos para dar realismo, y creo que lo mas hermoso de las flores es conseguir ese efecto casi transparente de sus hojas, por lo que es muy importante la pasra que utilices, de secado rapido y con la elasticidad idonea para dejar un acabado muy fino y delicado a la vez que resistente. No dudes en invertir en pasta de flores. El fondant con CMC no da el mismo resultado.

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There are many different methods but the best one is the one you are most comfortable with. I suggest watching multiple tutorials. I try to do this with everything and usually end up mixing things from each one. One of my favorite ways is with no cutters like Lisa Templeton’s tutorial. I find this produces a pretty realistic looking flower and no 2 petals are exactly alike.

There are many methods to make roses.. Best one I liked is to make it as natural as possible.. Many good rose cutters n vieners are available in the market.. Try to get ur best.. Just be creative..

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I started just by following the instructions in the fmm cutter set. I then adapated this, adding more layers of petals and tweaking the method to my liking (tutorials available via my website). Maggie Austin’s method (available in her book and on her instagram highlights) is also excellent for achieving that perfect central spiral and a less uniform and natural looking rose.