Q&A: Airbrushing on Ganache

Hi fellow cakers!….
Im making a white ganache drip cake this week and was wondering the best way to colour my white ganache pink?
Should i colour the cream pink while im making my ganache, or can i ganache the cake in white first, then airbrush it?
Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated, i cant decide which way to go about it. Has anyone ever airbrushed ganache before? :-)
Thanks for the help in advance xx

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I usually colour my milk/cream before adding to my white chocolate. The only drawback to that is you don’t know how much gel colour to add to achieve a specific colour. So I do a base colour, then use a oil based chocolate colouring like colour mill, roxy & rich or wilton candy colour etc. added to the ganache afterwards to achieve the colour I want.

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If you want to airbrush, SugarPrism.com carries Edible Oil Paints and Edible Acrylics that can be airbrushed over ganache. They are opaque so coverage is a dream. Michelle also has some free videos about this and is great at answering Qs.


Like June, if I want to color my ganache, I add the gel color to the cream before pouring it over the chocolate. It is really hard to gauge how much color is required, so use sparingly. If you want a specific color, it would probably be easier to dry brush it with petal dust, once the drip has completely set.

Another option is to use candy melts in the desired color. I’ve used candy melts and several different types of white chocolate (chips and bars) for ganache and I don’t find a great deal of difference in taste, when doing a drip. It is such a thin layer of chocolate, it does not add significant flavor, so the type of chocolate matters little. That is my opinion, of course. Some bakers are probably horrified that I even suggested candy melts.

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I normally add my color to the panache just like June and Sandra💖if you do an airbrush style would love to see how it is done 💖😊😍Hope it turns out awesome 💖😊

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