Q&A: Deflated cupcakes?? Help!

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I used a recipe for lemon cupcakes I found in the Southern Living magazine &I they keep deflating! I’m wondering if my baking soda/powder was bad or maybe I over beat the mix?? They still taste great but they’re so flat and the edges are crispy.

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If your baking soda/powder isn’t fresh, adding a tsp in a glass of water, it won’t fizz up. That’s a good way to check. And without knowing the recipe for the cupcakes, it’s hard to troubleshoot. Adding a link to the recipe would be helpful.

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It could be that this particular recipe just does not mound. I would suggest trying a different recipe, if the rounded dome is your desired shape. The reasons the edges of your cupcakes are browned is because your muffin tin is dark. Using a shiny, aluminum tin would distribute heat more evenly and prevent the over-baked edges.

Great tip for testing baking soda/powder, June! I never knew that.

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