Q&A: Can the cake with the sugar sheet be stored in a box in the freezer or fridge?

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I’ve never made a sugar sheet before and would appreciate some help / info from those of you who know: After the sugar sheet has been prepared and placed on the cake, can the cake with the sugar sheet on it be stored in a box in the freezer? In the fridge? Is there a chance that the sheet would disintegrate or fall apart?
Thanks for your help :)

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I would recommend wrapping boxed cake with layers of plastic wrap… so if any condensation forms it will be on the outside.
I would also recommend everything is at the same temperature, make sure buttercream when applying the sugar sheets is not over chilled or dewy.

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hello, I have made cakes decorated with this technique several times, and I have always kept them in the refrigerator … the important thing is that the fridge is a no-frost type, which does not create condensation …
Good job!

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I have no idea, but I would be skeptical. Everything I’ve made with sugar melts pretty fast and I would not dare put it in the fridge, where there is more moisture.

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I’ll go with Sandra… not because is in a box condensation will be prevented! A light amount of moisture will ruin any amount of sugar, especially a thin layer! Be safe, put it at the last minute!

I’ve read on some of my fb cake decorating pages that you can refrigerate, but not freeze. But so much depends on the type of fridge. Some create more condensation than others. I have a built in dehumidifier in my fridge, so I don’t get any condensation on any of my cakes. So if you have to refrigerate your cake, I would add the sugar sheet after removing cake from the fridge and cake comes to room temperature.

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Thank you all for your input.
It’s funny, but I asked this question several months ago and here it is appearing as if I asked it just yesterday.
Apparently with the new Q and A section all previously asked questions show up in this section as if they are new….

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