passioni di zucchero


passioni di zucchero

Jul 2013 413 italia

love all forms of art and decoration and creation are part of me

-- passioni di zucchero


Calli Creations

you are very gifted!! beautiful cakes

passioni di zucchero

thank you, I’m really happy to read your comment

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

I just looked at all of your beautiful cakes, and you have a very unique and gorgeous style to your cake designs! I’m adding you to my follow list, because I don’t want to miss any of your amazing creations!

Zoe White

Beautiful cakes i must say!

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Well deserved cake decorator of the week! :-)

passioni di zucchero

thank you Crhistine, is a great emotion!!!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Congratulations for cake decorator of the week!!! So well deserved!!!

passioni di zucchero

thank you Marlene :))))))

Calli Creations

Congratulations on Cake Decorator of the week!! your incredible talented!!

passioni di zucchero

thanks Callicious Cake!!! I’m happy to read your words

Elli Warren

Congratulations on cake decorator of the week!!! So deserved!! Love your work!!! :-) x

passioni di zucchero

thanks Elli for the nice words…

Claudia Lucaroni

ciao come va??? :D ti seguirò volentieri, che bei lavori :D

passioni di zucchero

ciao Claudia!!!!
tutto bene… ora ti seguirò anch’io…
a presto..

Enza - Sweet-E

Ciao ora ti seguo. .le tue torte sono bellissime. .Enza x