I have always loved to bake. Nothing fancy and usually no decoration other than a little powdered sugar. I stumbled across those cupcake bouquets with roses piped on them in May 2013. My cousins 40th birthday was coming up and I wanted to make one for her. I have to admit I went more than just a little overboard with it. The round styrofoam base (12" diameter) was way too big. That meant piping a huge amount of roses on cupcakes for someone who is not used to piping. Also I did not realize that it may be smart to fill the vase with stones or some before glueing on the styrofoam. The whole thing become very top heavy. But at the end I got it done and it made it safe to its location. That's how it started. From there I tried a few cakes with the star fill technique and after that came fondant and gumpaste. To get fondant here in Germany it is - to me anyway - very expensive. I searched the internet and I started to make my own. Which I still do and very happy with. Same goes for the gumpaste. As of right now I am still exploring all those different techniques.
I usually bake my cakes and make the decorations during the week after work (still have a day job....) and start decorating Friday.
I enjoy looking at other people's work, reading about their experiences with different tasks and admire their talent. I have had so much fun since I started with decorating and I am super exicted about what is still to come my way.

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Nice work x

Rachel Taylor (Peony Pantry Cakes)