Le delizie di Kicca


Le delizie di Kicca

Jun 2013 198 Italy

I'm an italian Sugar Artist


Le delizie di Kicca

Madam Amour “Le Delizie di kicca”


Sei una maga!

The Curious Patissier

I’ve just seen your works and I am STUNNED! Your designs are truly amazing! Can’t wait to see more! <3 xx

Le delizie di Kicca


Beata Khoo

Beautiful work ;) I am new follower xxx

il mondo di ielle

Hi Federica! Amazing creations, I love your work!

Lovin' From The Oven

Oh fantastic!! I was wondering who made the cake! One of my top 5 in the CI show. Congratulations on the gold! LOVE the sneer on the little guy. Brilliant.

Le delizie di Kicca

thanks at all!


Fantastic cake!