Hello. Thanks for visiting my page !
I'm 24 years old from South Korea.
I was interested in baking from high school. so soon after graduate high school. I started to learn how to make bread and cookies.
after my college, I went to Australia for an year. worked at shopping center baking baking part and restaurant. since then, i was just interested in baking.
and when i came back to Korea, I had to work so i was keep thinking what I want to do and what i enjoy.
fortunately, I got a chance to work at custom cake shop. there is the biggest and most famous shop in Korea as a custom cake.
3 days of working and 2 days of learning. so for 6 months, I learned cake decorating. both cream cake and sugar cake.
after internship, I started to write on blog.. then facebook page.
I'm hobby cake decorator. but have so much passion for cake decorating.
I'm hoping one day,I have my own business and everybody notice my work :)


Thank you for following right back at you love your cakes and toppers