Frou Frous Cakes


Frou Frous Cakes is proud to offer custom-designed cakes for all occasions. We will work with you to ensure that your cake is unique, delicious and beautiful.

We will create a cake that is a bespoke work of art. All of our cakes are made in house, the old fashioned way, from scratch, using fresh, wholesome and the finest ingredients and products. We make our own Buttercream, only using real butter. No cheap alternatives, no preservatives, no funny stuff.

If we haven’t the cake design you’re looking for, let us know and we will design one especially.

We use bright coloured food colouring for decoration purposes, and we would like to advise it may cause temporary staining and contain E numbers.

If in doubt please check with us on ordering or collection.


-- Carly and Liz from Frou Frous Cakes,


Steph Walters

Hi Carly and Liz. :o) Love Thomas and the Angry Birds. Steph. xx

Cake Sweet Cake by Rory

Wow very wonderful works! I follow you from Italy:)