'Diamond Pick Axe' from Minecraft

I made my own template. Cut the shape. Cut out the shape. I used dark/chocolate Satin Ice fondant for these squares, slowly adding white Satin Ice fondant to lighten the colors. Don’t mind...

'Steve' from Minecraft

Cut the body. Cut the sleeves. Cut the pants. Cut the shoes. Cut arms and a head. His face isn’t perfect but here he is with a few final touches.

Airbrushed minecraft board

I just made a minecraft cake and decided to try and airbrush the squares to save time, this is what I did .

Minecraft Cake Tutorial

So kind of liking the whole tutorial thing… Had to make a small minecraft cake this weekend.. so did a step by step tutorial. Hope you like! A bit of humor with this one too :) Please “follow”...

Minecraft cake

A very easy (no square cutting) way to make a minecraft cake. "":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfl73Ftj0IE

How to make the Creeper from Minecraft out of fondant

I’m happy to present you my new creation: the Creeper from Minecraft! I’m sure that your kids and who loves videogames knows perfectly who he is! It’s an original and modern cake topper! ...