Gum Paste body II - Mermaids body

Here’s a simple way to make a female upper body. I hope you find useful.

Checker Board Cake

I made this checker board cake recently for my daughter and wanted to share with you. I hope you find it useful. Thanks

CUPCAKES! #1: Western cupcakes

Frost cupcakes in buttercream icing. Put brown rope boarder around each cupcake. Cut out round 2-in. tan circles for brim of cowboy hat. place on cupcake and...

Fondant Billowing Technique

Had three cakes recently that included the Billowing Technique – I hope you like my little how to.

How to make A Checker Board Cake

Here’s how I make a Checker Board cake.

Halloween cookies tutorials #1: Coffin cookie

A very easy coffin cookie to make for Halloween night! :)!

Bonus Sugar Rose to Ultimate Level: Adding the Calyx and Rose Hip

I you on the previous post “Take Your Sugar Rose to Ultimate Level with wired Petals” to add a bonus video: adding calyx and rose hips. Generally in a finished spray the calyx and rose hips...

Buttercream birthday cakes #2: Wagon wheel buttercream design

I frosted sides w/ chocolate buttercream, or you can tint BC brown. Then I added small amounts of black around sides w/ #3 or #4 tip and smoothed up around top. Then I piped white...

How to make a Quick&Simple Fondant Rose !

Hi guys , i recently made a tutorial on how to make a quick and simple fondant rose for cupcake toppers ! I hope you all enjoy it and please subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with more...

How To Make It Start To Finish | Fast and Fun! #1: How To Make A Fun Party Cake

I’ll show you how to make this absolutely fun and delicious loaded candy cake FAST AND FUN! Everything from leveling the cakes to boxing it up. Covers leveling, filling, crumb coating, frosting,...

How to make a Sugar Rainbow Unicorn Cake Topper Decoration Tutorial

This is a quick video tutorial demonstrating how to make a very quick & Easy Gumpaste Fondant Sugar Rainbow Unicorn Cake Decoration using the FMM Unicorn Cutter. Perfect for Cakes and...