How to make Aloe vera fondant cake toppers!

Realistic NO CUTTERS Sugar Succulent: Bear's Paw with Flower Blooms Variety

The Confectionery Gallery’s latest NO CUTTERS sugar succulent tutorial – this one is modeled after the Cotyledon tomentosa (aka Bear’s Paw Succulent). You will be able to create not only the distinctively shaped ‘paws’ but the colorful flowers...

How to Make a NO CUTTER SUCCULENT: Hand Formed Method

Learn how to make this sugar succulent using NO CUTTERS – even the ball tool is optional as indicated at a certain point in the video. You will also learn how to make an even larger version or scale this gumpaste succulent down as desired. There...

How to Make a REALISTIC, NO CUTTERS Echeveria Succulent: Topsy Turvy

This tutorial is a recreation of an actual Echeveria Topsy Turvy I own. The tutorial is super easy, as you need NO CUTTERS and use the same general manner to create all leaves, save a few slight variations as indicated. Please feel free to...

How to Make Sugar SUCCULENTS - LITHOPS: Modeling Chocolate, NO CUTTERS and NO MOLDS

The sugar succulents in this tutorial are great for both cake and cupcake decorating and are fully edible. Since you are using modeling chocolate, they taste great as well. There are roughly three stages to this tutorial, the first is shaping the...

How to Make a Blue Ruffle Edge Sugar Succulent

A blue ruffle edged sugar succulent modeled after an Echeveria Neon Breaker. Taking special note of the dusting and coloring is essential as that is what brings this sugar succulent to life. Thank you for watching.

How to Make a Pink/Fuschia Succulent with NO CUTTERS

This is the latest edition to my sugar succulent garden – a vibrant succulent crafted using NO CUTTERS and NO MOLDS. You can use the techniques in this tutorial to make your own unique pink(ish) succulent or create other sugar succulents without...

Sugar/Gumpaste Succulents #1: Calico Hearts Succulent Tutorial

One of the many sugar succulents The Confectionery Gallery has made and will be making. You will need NO CUTTERS and NO MOLDS to make this colorful sugar creation. May you enjoy the content and Thank You for watching.

Autumn Floral Spray Cookies 🌼🌹🍂

Summer is ending and Autumn is around the corner, bringing those deep floral colours! For this tutorial I will show you three floral sprays with different backgrounds!

How to Paint Fondant / Gumpaste Succulents by used food coloring.

Hi, there ! I did post the video How to make fondant/gumpaste succulents before.. Please, check out this link for the video. And this time, i post this video to show...