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Beanie giraffe model

hope this helps someone please feel free to ask any questions i have tried to describe how i did him as best i could :)
to start with i used my own home made modelling chocolate coloured with honey gold, as you can see from the pics i rolled out a body shape attached the arms, legs and tail.
-then i pushed a cake pop stick through the body rolled out a ball of the chocolate and placed it on top
- i made two holes for the eyes and rolled out some purple pushing it gently into the holes i then rolled out two small balls of black and put them over the purple and then added a couple of white dots to each to give that glint.
-next i rolled out a small ball of white and added it to the face i used my edible black pen to mark out the nose and mouth
-then i added the purple hands and feet to the arms and legs and a ball on the end of the tail.
-for the ears i rolled out a circle of the modelling chocolate then a smaller purple one placing it on top i then pinched in both the ends and placed on the head.
-for the antlers i used white fondant and black fondant just rolling out a round of each sticking together then attaching to the head.
- to paint i used cocoa butter melted down with a touch of honey gold and autumn leaf i mixed together to make a paste then brushed on to my model going over after with just autumn leaf for some darker contrast.
-when dry i went over the whole model with some glaze as my sister wants to keep him for a while!
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Time for Tiffin

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Great tutorial. thanks!

Laura Loukaides

Oh my goodness, I love it!!
Thank you for sharing!! Xx

Time for Tiffin

Your welcome glad to help out :)