Take Your Sugar Roses to the Ultimate Level with Wired Petals

Well, we finally are ready to take our gumpaste roses to fully open from open rose (the fourth stage). In the spray above I have one bud, 2 partially open roses, 4 open roses, and 3 fully open roses. To achieve a realistic fully open rose I will show you how to wire the last 7 to 9 petals on your open rose. I have found by wiring the petals the rose is not only a realistic, but is stronger and easier to handle. Generally, I would have petal dusted the rose after the wired petals…

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Bobbie Bakes


Thank you so much for the absolutely brilliant tutorial! You are such a sweetheart for sharing it!!!!

Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes

Thank you! It was a pleasure sharing. http://bobbiesbakingblog.com

Bobbie Bakes