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New CakesDecor Features #14: Pictures, pictures and pictures :)

We all know that CakesDecor is not all about the pictures, but they are very important to showcase the amazing cakes and cookies you created. Picture server was another part of CakesDecor that needed large upgrade and I’m really glad that we managed to do this before Christmas. New modern picture server opens the gates to new features and adjustments.

Better Picture Quality and Faster Pages

It sounds great and it is great. The quality of all new pictures is higher and they are loading faster than before.

New – Better and Faster Uploading

Uploading is now much easier and faster than before. You can drag and drop files, you can upload multiple images at once or you can even use a camera on your mobile to capture the cake and upload it directly to CakesDecor.

More Secure CakesDecor

Thanks to a new picture server, we were able to implement the SSL certificate to CakesDecor site. You can see a small lock on the left of the address bar in your browser, which means that all the information ( your email address, password … etc. ) are secured.

Let us know If you like it and stay tuned for new features ;)

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Elli Warren

Sounds brilliant Michal! Will look forward to trying it, thank you! :-) x

Martin Sojka

Yay 🙂📸👌

Jens bakey cakey

So happy to have found this site! Its amazing thank you x

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Cool…thanks M & M for the constant and innovative updates/upgrades …


Great work Michal!
Thank you 🤗

Dimi's sweet art

Thank you!


Thank you .. this works even better now .



Michal Bulla

I’m glad everything works as expected, there are no issues so far and you like it :).


Brilliant Thank you! I was just thinking the other day why wasn’t my pic uploading.

Layla A

Perfect thank you :) it’s easier than before 👍

Calli Creations

That’s fantastic Michal, thank you do much and look forward to trying it next time I upload a cake. ☺️


Thank you for the excellent CakesDecor site. I was just wondering if you decided to no longer send an emails for Daily Top 3 cakes. It is nice to get the small picture with Daily Top 3 emblem. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020.

My Sweet World_Elena

What an awesome site upgrade, great job Michal and best wishes for the New Year 🎄

Michal Bulla

Hey Darina, we are still sending notifications. I will try to investigate why are you not getting them.