Colouring #5: Homemade liquid colours for wafer paper and fondant.

Hi all, my lovely friends.
News today:

As a decorator, I know my hobby also contributes to pollution. Every time I wash my brushes, after using them with food colouring, I see water changing colour and I feel guilty.
I know I can’t do without colouring, but I can limit the damage using natural colours, when ever it’s possible.
As most of you already know, vodka is used to melt dust colours.
What I didn’t know is that wodka+vegetables/spices are perfect to get coloured liquids that don’t affect the consistency of the sugar paste.

Vodka + turmeric = strong yellow;
Vodka + chard = pale green;
Vodka + red cabbage = pale purple;

Chop the vegetables and add alcohol.

Let the mix soak for a while, then filter it and put it in a tiny glass bottle (I had some from my medicines)

You can see in pics below as the colouring works, when added to fondant or brushed onto fondant and wafer paper.



Of course colours are really soft and don’t work if I want to have vibrant coloring, but I feel better getting it off my conscience. :)

-- Clara

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Fantastic idea…and sometimes is hard to achieve nice pale colors… this looks great.


Thank you, Dragana ❤️


What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Smiley

These are beautiful and so clever of you! I doubt that your edible food colors are doing any damage to the environment, since they are edible.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I’ve been doing this with some of my colours. You can buy now all natural food colouring. But it is very expensive. Although I believe that you need much less of the natural colours. I’m also no longer using plastic straws for dowels in my cakes. I’m using wooden dowels because they are compostible. I only use my own homemade cake boards, also compostible.


Amazing idea and the colors are really great! ♥

Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations

Thank you for the fantastic idea!!


Thank you girls ❤️


great idea👍👏
thank you😊


Sandra, I agree with you. I didn’t mean they are toxic, just wanted to say that human beings have not the right to “color” water with chemical substances, even if they are edible, and my using alcohol too, can be dangerous, in my opinion 🙈. It’s so frustrating. Sometimes it’s seems that most of our work can damage the environment…I promise to do everything I can do, where and when it’s possible, because I also contributed to pollute our beautiful planet Earth. I hope we can fix our mistakes in time.😘


Thank you, June, for your tips. 👍I’ll do the same from now, for sure!!!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Clara you can use pure lemon oil instead of alcohol and achieve the same results. My daughter runs a fb page and blog, Simply Green Mom’s that promotes a better way of living. Being as green and environmentally responsible as possible. I’ve changed many, many of my ways. I haven’t used paper towels in years, no more plastic.


Thank you again, June. I didn’t know about lemon oil. It’s sounds tasty too 😊 I’ll give it a try.
I also use fabric instead of paper and wood versus plastic, most of times.
I’ll give an eye to your daughter blog 😍

Asya Vencheva

Thank you, Clara!

Felis Toporascu

Thank you Clara!