I just saw a video from Verusca Walker about making molds out of leftover fondant that was so interesting I thought I’d share it with you. You can see the actual video through YouTube.

Take all of your leftover fondant from previous cakes and mix them together until you have a pliable piece – you will probably end up with a grayish or taupy color; add a generous amount of Tylose because you want the mold to harden rock solid. Once you have thoroughly mixed the Tylose into the fondant, pat it on the table and cut a round or square piece using one of your cutters. The size of the cutter will depend on the size of the piece you want to mold.

You are now ready to press your piece onto the fondant to make an impression – you can leave your piece inside the mold for a few minutes, or take it out right away if you are very careful. Once you are satisfied with the impression on the mold, allow it to dry overnight. Voila, you now have a mold you can use several times.

Obviously, fondant molds will not keep like the silicone ones because they are made out of sugar, but you can get quite a few uses out of it. Verusca mentioned that refrigerator magnets make great pieces for molding because they are usually very detailed. You can also use buttons, mini-purses, scrapbooking items, wooden little figures, keys, etc.

Hope this helps, and thank you Verusca for sharing your method of making disposable fondant molds!

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You know, I was thinking about this last week, I wanted to mould a military button, that I’d probably never use again, but thought that gumpaste probably wouldn’t work otherwise someone would have done it by now – go figure!

What a great idea I have a beautiful embossed iPhone case I’d love to try this

This is such a brilliant idea, I can’t wait to try it!

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic! I have bags of leftover fondant in my fridge!!!

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I do this all the time,I used my nans jewellery for her 80th birthday cake,it made it more special x

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I saw it also! I ruined some of my gumpaste by running it through my pasta machine that was entirely clean of previous color. So I used these steralization bags (for bottle nipples & pacifiers leftover from my daughter who NEVER took either, ummm EVER). But I steralized some of her toy accessories purse, bowtie, etc. & made my own molds! These will be the perfect size for cupcake toppers, now if someone would just order purse and bowtie toppers! I am hoping to do a gender reveal cupcake tower and talk them into this idea

Thanks for sharing. It is so great not to waste and this is an awesome way to save.

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