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Tutorial #7: Make your own mould with leftover fondant

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So … I know how hard and expensive can be to make or buy moulds. So…. I make my own with leftover of fondant and tylose. It doesn’t last long but if you have a plastic original you can always make it again and again…. ;)
You may ask me how much tylose…well that will depend how quick you will need your mould. ;)
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Raewyn Read Cake Design

What a brilliant idea Verusca!!!! This is fantastic! No more wasted fondant, thanks Lovely :) xxx

Margarida Abecassis

Great idea!!! Thanks


Verusca, those look brilliant! But I think I need a few more steps to join the dots and understand how you made the tyres and the shells. I’m too much of a novice ….

The Cake Tin

Great idea! Your tips are always so helpful!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Great idea!!! Thank you for sharing!!! xxx


Awesome idea Verusca! How doesn’t have left over fondant that we all end up throwing away cause it dried out?

Calli Creations

Thank you so much for that… what a great idea. I have used cold porcelain to make moulds, but not old fondant and will defo give that a go :) xx


thumbs up for this one….great idea xx


Verusca you are a Genius


Genius! Thank you for sharing!!



nicola thompson

great idear


Great idea . Thank you

Laura Jabri

Thanks for sharing this fantastic idea !!! I will try it just tomorrow.

A Cake Creation

Thank you again Verusca, I’ll definately give it a go!