Margarida Abecassis


Margarida Abecassis

Dec 2012 357 Portugal

Hi, I'm a Portuguese girl, a wife and a mother of two adorable small children. I discovered this cake world by accident and since then I'm completly hooked.
I found myself unemployed when I was pregnant for my youngest daughter and ... since I was going to start having plenty of free time, I decided to try making the cake for the 2nd birthday of my eldest son. My first cake ever... April 14th 2012!!! I loved the experience and he loved the cake :) I was so proud...

I love learning new things and this allows me to do just that. It's a world to explore and I'm always learning!!
Every day I am amazed at cake decoraters all around the world, because they share their tricks, the work of others, their own work. It is spectacular!! This site is a good example

I hope I can make cakes for the rest of my life :)

-- Margarida, Portugal,



Very nice cakes!! Ü

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We have a ton in common!!! I learned the same way!