How to Decorate Beautiful Poppy Flower Cookies 🕊️🌸 🖌️

For this tutorial I creates three elegant designs using poppy flowers:
-A piped poppies on a rustic wood plank cookie
-Tole (one stroke) painting poppies
-Dimensional Poppy Spray on a cracked glaze cooke

Poppies are mystical flower and symbolic of peace, which we desperately need at the moment!

Bobbie Bakes


Those are gorgeous, thank you so much for the tutorial x

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Pepper Posh

Thank you for sharing. Your cookies are so beautiful 😍


Stunning!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!💖💖💖


Thank you, Evelin! 🕊️💕

Bobbie Bakes

Thank you, Calli! 🕊️💕

Bobbie Bakes

Thank you, Elena! 🕊️💕

Bobbie Bakes