Cheap Boards Tutorial

This weird deviced is called Sheet rock circle cutter and can be found at your local harware store for about $12. I can’t live with out it!!!


what a great idea, i have a circular glass cutter which looks very similar to your gadget so im going to give it a go!! thanks for sharing

Sarah Cox,

What a great idea.. one for the Xmas list methinks!! thank you :)

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I have had and used this tool for 2 years and I love it. It is adjustable. I ordered mine on line. (I couldn’t find it at any local hardware stores),
Additionally, it puts a hole in the exact center of the cake board which is very useful when using a center pole for your staked cakes! ;)

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Brilliant!!! Thank you for sharing this!!! I usually cut mine out of cardboard using an exacto knife. This is AWESOME! I also love the way you store them. That’s a pretty great idea all on it’s own!