Best Ever Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe Tutorial

I have been asked a few times for my Cream Cheese frosting recipe, I don’t make it in the traditional sense, I think this is so much better, this recipe makes enough to cover this 12″ × 5″ Cake. Once you’ve made this version you won’t go back

460g Caster Sugar in pot with
1/2 cup water
8 Egg whites
2 Lemons Zest & Juice
700g Butter Softy
200g Cream Cheese

1. Whisk the Egg whites until soft peak
2. Bring the sugar & water to the boil until they reach 115C (239F) then slowly pour onto egg white whisking in beater
3. Pour entire amount of sugar onto Egg whites in steady stream
4. Keep whisking until mixture (Italian Meringue) is cool then add butter, cream cheese, Lemon zest & juice
5. Keep whisking it will start to look like it is split ignore this and keep whisking all will be fine, scrape down & keep whisking
6. All better know with beautiful thick Cream cheese Icing, this is based on Italian buttercream frosting so is safe out of fridge as the eggs have been pasturised & cooked with adding the boiling sugar, & is so yummy as it isn’t sickly sweet like the original

Finished Frosting spread over our Carrot cake, This is a large 12" wide by 5" high cake and this has plenty of frosting…Hope you enjoy

Jo, NZ,


friend asked me to used cream cheese frosting, will give this recipe a try, thanks!

Thank you so much for sharing this… IMBC is my absolute favorite frosting… and always wondered if I could do a cream cheese frosting with it. WELL — I tried it last week… and it was so delicious!!! Never going back to the traditional one. I might have to practice or try again though because mine turned out a bit softer than my usual IMBC. I didn’t even add all the lemon juice because I was afraid I would not be able to pipe it anymore. Would you perhaps have any tips on this?

Thank you so much, Jo - you have a kind and generous heart.

XoXo Sarah

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Hi Sarah
Thank you for your lovely comments, yes this IMBC is a little softer, maybe if we increased the sugar content slightly it would make it firmer I will try it next time I make it, and I’ll be sure to let you know, I love altering recipes…If you saw my recipe book you would laugh as it has so many additions & scribles out LOL…have you tried the carrot cake recipe that i posted recently…It is so good and the consistency is amazing for using as a based for a decorated cake….and is better 1-2 days after you have baked it…some kind of secret alchemy at play I think, but the only recipe I have found that you can torte easily, using the Abgay slicer I can easily cut 1" slices out of each cake

Thank you so much for your lovely comments & feeback

<3 Jo

Jo, NZ,

Hi Jo,
I’m making a RV cake for a friend and the want cream cheese frosting. I’ve found your recipe here. How long can this icing stay out of the fridge? I’m covering the cake with fondant, so ideally I’d tort and ice cake on Thursday and it would stay out of the fridge from the Thursday night until the event on Saturday night. I’d be covering with fondant and decorating Friday. Will it hold up under fondant or should I fill it with this and use white choc ganache?

Sorry for the q’s but don’t want to poison friends/work colleagues, haha . Thanks in advance.

Lesley 😃

Lesley, Brisbane,