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CakesDecor Theme: Poinsettias and Poinsettia Cakes

Hi Everyone!

As we are now in the festive season, I thought that today we could look at poinsettias and poinsettia cakes. I love these flowers, and we have some gorgeous examples here today!

I will be posting Christmas cakes next week – I already have a beautiful selection ready, but please keep posting them throughout the week as there’s always room for more!

Thank you for these gorgeous poinsettias, and please feel free to post any more below – we would love to see them!!

Elli :-) x

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Pretty Special Cakes

What a great selection Elli! And I can’t believe just how many talented decorators are out there… Wow.

Ellie @ Ellie's Elegant Cakery

they all look so realistic, truly stunning x

Claire Potts

My first ever poinsettia :)

Love Blossoms Cakery- Jamie Moon

All so pretty!


Fab! :o) Thank you Elli :o)

Sugargourmande Lou

Oh Elli they’re all gorgeous !! xx




Beautiful cakes❤️❤️

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Beautiful cakes!

Cakes By No More Tiers (Fiona Brook)

Such pretty cakes and beautiful flowers! I plan to make a red poinsettia for this year’s family Christmas cake, but in the meantime here’s a mini cake with a fantasy white and silver poinsettia I made a couple of years ago.

sugar voyager

They are all gorgeous💖😍

Elli Warren

Thank you everyone for supporting!!! :-) x
Thank you Claire and Fiona for posting your gorgeous poinsettias!! Love them!! :-) x

Karen's Kakery

The Poinsettia always cheers me up. They look like a Ruby in the snow x

Allways Julez

All very gorgeous!

Julie, I Baked Some Cakes

All beautiful. Xx