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The Caketastics #1: Something caketastic is coming!

" The Caketastics " is the first workshop / formative experience of creation of a monumental cake live at Bcn & Cake Fair.

From " The Caketastics " we offer a different kind of workshop focused on the teamwork and with a playful touch. The workshop will consist of the joint manufacture between the educational equipment and the pupils of a monumental cake to be tasted by the public the last day of the fair. It will take place during the celebration of the International Fair of Creative Confectionary Bcn and Cake during September 24, 25 and 26 to taste the result of the workshop on Sunday, the 27th of September.

We introduce you the Caketastic crew :

Mayte Rodriguez Gigante from Maytarta. She is the “Isomaltic” and has the hability to transform herself into Isomalt Sugar, gaining this way shine and transparency. Behind her deceptive fragile look it hides a surprising hardness. When her looks are human she´s able to launch her lightning Isomalt Sugar bolt causing second-degree burns to her enemies, capturing them at the same time. What more is she able to do with her Isomaltic powers? Come and discover them. She’ll teach how to dominate the isomalt caramel to the new Caketastics.

Daniel Dieguez from fogar12fogar. He is the “Chococakeist”, he´s able to créate and manipulate chocolate to his liking, transforming everything in chocolate and turning himself into a giant chocolate monster. He will teach the new Caketarstic people to dominate chocolate at it different pastry application.

Arantxa Arteaga, SweetKOKEKO, alias “Cakepictorial”, she´s able to change the chromatic composition of everything, to change the mood of the every being through the perception and to transform sweets on trully art pieces with her psychedelic illustrations. She will instruct the new Caketarstics to develope their chromatic power.

Do you want to be a Caketarstic? Join us at Bcnandcake.
The first Super Workshop/Experience of creation of a Monumental Cake live!!

-- Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist

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SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa

Yayyy!!!!! Hahaha

Daniel Diéguez

<3 :D


Wow can’t wait to see


yo tampoco puedo esperar a verlo todoooo!

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa

Hahaha thank you!!!!! :) :) :)


What a fabulous adventure!!!!

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes

I am sure it will be brilliant!

Daniel Diéguez

Thanks sweeties!!! <3

Marilo Latorre yo misma sweet cakes

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