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577 cakes in 4 years and I dropped my first wedding cake.

It gives me anxiety even now. I was headed out the door to deliver a small wedding cake with 30 minutes to spare. I was holding the cake in large plastic container as I have mentioned before, holding the cake and container about waste level when I opened to door and crash. The cake hit the floor. After a few choice words, I realized that I had no time for emotions, no time for reactions, I had less than 30 minutes to survey the damage, fix and deliver.
This, in a split second…

turned into this:

Now people ask me all the time, “Have you ever dropped a wedding cake?”
I’m sure we all get asked that question.
I would just look that person in the eye with an evil, cocky grin on my face and say, “Never!”
I took the cake back to the clean work bench to survey the damage. Luckily there was no real damage that couldn’t be fixed.
I tried to focus on my breathing and stay calm. The clock was ticking away. The first thing I did was to start scraping of the border and removing the some of the decorations.

Luckily this is one of the types of cakes that has so much decorations on it, you can really hide the flaws. I filled in the holes with icing and got my Viva paper towel and a fondant smoother and got to work. I smoothed and smoothed and smoothed until I couldn’t smooth no more.

I recycled some of the decorations and luckily had I had some left over fences, shells and flowers.

I was able to pull it together and have the thing delivered right on time.

The main reason I am sharing this message is for the new kids on the block. When I first got back into this 5 years ago, I would be so panicked and so rushed and so full of anxiety. Five years ago, after hammering a supporting dowel down through the center of a 3 tier cake I had the middle layer break apart for some reason. I called my chef friend in a panic to tell him I was going to have to make repairs and be late on the delivery. He said, “Better some cake, then none cake.” and “Stay calm”.
He talked me off the edge and I was able to focus and have that cake delivered close to on time.
Now, I realize panicking and being anxious about having a cak-tastrophey is really counter productive.
Try not to react. Prioritize. Always leave enough time in case you have a mishap. Don’t doubt your skills. Know that you know what you are doing. Lastly, carry a small repair kit with you on the delivery. Carry some extra icing, a spatula, one or two Viva Paper towels and a fondant smoother. (I’m sure you can customize your repair kit to your needs)
And the rule with the repair kit is to always bring it with you because if you bring it, you won’t need it!
All in all, I think that dropping 1 cake out of 577 is pretty good odds.

Before and after pics.

Thanks for listening!

-- Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

cake-tastrophy dropped wedding cake



Great save! :) And excellent advice! I have all my cakes finished the night before and I always carry an emergency repair kit. I have not “yet” had a mishap, but I know one day I will and hopefully I will be prepared and calm. :)

Calli Creations

I really feel for you… It’s my worst nightmare that I will drop a cake.. But I have damaged ones in the past and always take a tool box and emergency kit along with me.
Well saved, it looks fabulous!!!

Kendra's Country Bakery

Just reading the title of your blog made me gasp! You did a fantastic job fixing it!

Alpa Boll - Simply Alpa

Thank you so much for sharing this and I am sure there are many who have experiences some sort of mishaps when delivering a cake. I always carry a repair kit and have started making extra flowers or decorations should any fall, break or get damaged in any way.
My own wedding cake cracked on the day as it was so hot and I was devastated. It was all painted so there was no way of hiding it and then I came up with the idea of placing some fresh flowers around the cake where the cracks were. No one noticed, everyone complimented me on how gorgeous the cake looked and looking at the photos now I think the flowers actually look better on the cake anyway!! ;)
One thing I always do is give myself plenty of time when delivering, use a trolley and take a few bits in at a time, if I can I try and take the cake in tiers. I smile at everyone I meet to stay calm and if I can take someone with me. Having someone to talk to always helps!


You did a great job in “saving” the cake!


Fab job :D. It has happened to me and you just have to focus, I had tears as soon as I left the venue, intact my hubby bought me a few vodkas but in front of the venue and catering staff, florist and mother of the groom I thought I conducted myself very well :D


You did a marvellous job! I tip my hat to you!

Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C.

Waterlooville Cake Co, I can relate. The moment I deliver one of these cakes it’s a huge relief is it not? Thanks everyone for your nice comments. I had to deliver a three tier with a 10" base this morning. I’ve just been so nervous about moving these things since I dropped this one!
I guess it’s teaching me to “Respect the Cake!” Lol!