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Hi all!

This is a recipe I’ve used twice now to make smbc without eggs- its the smbc recipe I promised you in the writeup to my book cake posted yesterday. Aquafaba is the water you get from a can of chickpeas/ garbanzo beans, or after boiling them. A genius called Goose Wohlt figured out you can whip it just like egg whites and use it in pretty much the same way. The lovely Mila from Pure Cakes by Mila has posted today about using it in RI, which reminded me to post this.

You can whip aquafaba up like egg whites, or use it in recipes unwhipped (some people have reported successful cakes with it but it seems not everyone has managed it, you’d have to try). It works out cheaper than eggs – and I guess it’s good news for our friends in the US with the egg shortage I’ve read about.

Substitute it 1:1 for eggs in the recipe. I found it a little softer than my usual smbc so great for a filling, but you might want to up the butter content or reduce the liquid over a heat before using, to get it firmer.

Ive also included a super-duper easy method from cake paper party which means you don’t even have to whip the aquafaba up (or eggs). Smbc in 3 minutes flat – who can argue with that?


Super easy egg free SMBC


  • 1 part by weight of water drained from a can of chickpeas – aquafaba
  • 2 parts by weight of sugar (or your preferred ratio, as much or little as you like, really)
  • 2.5 parts by weight very soft butter


  1. Put the aquafaba in a small saucepan with the sugar. No egg therefore no double boiler needed, yay!
  2. Heat until the sugar melts and you have a clear syrup. You don’t want it to colour though. Transfer to a shallow container and allow to cool.
  3. Put your soft butter in a stand mixer with the whip attachment. Whip it up a little to make sure its soft and smooth.
  4. Pour the chickpea syrup over the butter (don’t freak out haha trust me) then start to whip on medium low speed. You could use the paddle if you prefer but it might take a little longer.
  5. You see the familiar smbc stages happening before your eyes… Curdling, then emulsifying, then whipping up and increasing in volume. In a few minutes, it’s done! Flavour as usual.

Use as standard smbc, or for a stiffer bc, add more butter or reduce the chickpea liquid over a heat until its 1/3 of the volume, before you measure parts.


  • Doesn’t taste like chickpeas.
  • In a blind test my family preferred it to regular smbc
  • Cheaper, as technically it’s free (and you can still use the beans of course), and still cheaper than eggs even counting the cost of the can
  • You may be able to use other bean juice – Google it
  • You can still whip aquafaba up like meringue if you prefer. Others have done it for smbc and imbc.
  • Whips to the same volume as meringue style smbc method, I tried both ways.
  • You can make straight up meringues with it, and macaron. Google it.
  • You can boil your own chickpeas and use the liquid, but be sure to Google ratios to get the consistency right.

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egg free meringue imbc macaron aquafaba swiss meringue buttercream recipe


Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

Oh cool! Thanks a squillion for the explanation. I read Mila’s post earlier on FB and wanted to know more. This is awesome x

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

You’re most welcome! Yeah when she mentioned it on here I thought it’d be worth me sharing my experience with AF smbc. Can’t wait to read more about her RI too :) xx


I have got to try this! Thanks for sharing.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Thanks so much Sawsen for sharing. I have a young lady who can’t have eggs in her baking. This is very intriguing……going to search more.

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

You’re welcome Goreti… The method breaks everything you know about baking, but it works! Sure beats 15 minutes of whipping meringue just to deflate it all anyway with the fat xx

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Yw June! Hope it goes well xx

Znique Creations

How cool!!! Have never heard of it but what a fabulous alternative

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Yup Zelda, I hadn’t until about 2 weeks ago. Ive been experimenting with it since then, have used it on 2 cakes plus a hybrid of half AF and half egg white. Was hoping to make a video on YouTube to show how I did it, but as Mila mentioned aquafaba in her RI today I decided to share a bit early. May still make the vid if people want to see x

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™

Thanks for sharing! =D

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

You’re welcome my dear :)

Prachi Dhabaldeb

Thanks for sharing! Would love to try..:)

Calli Creations

Thanks so much for sharing generous lady xx

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Thanks so much Sawsen!

Heavenly Treats by Lulu

Wow – how interesting – thanks so much for sharing :-)

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

You’re very welcome all :) xx