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my very first frozen cake! !

So I finally got to do my first frozen cake! I must say it was very intimidating at first with all the amazing frozen designs out there ..I had to do the ice castle and mountain of course. . And my daughter who I made the cake for. . Lol. . Insisted on having elsa as a girl on it building olaf for the first time. . That was a bit challenging since I had never sculpted a face from fondant before. . And since her middle name is rose she had to have a “frozen” rose on it lol. .which was also my first time trying. . Her request lol. . The castle and mountain is all RKT and stands 18" by itself and the cake was a strawberry chocolate marbled cake soaked in a strawberry syrup filled with chocolate SMBC and iced in a dark chocolate ganache before decorating in marshmallow fondant that I made.. total this cake stood 24"tall! It was massive and super heavy lol. . Hope you like it and thanks so much for looking!

-- Amanda Bowman

frozen cake ice castle elsa olaf fondant rktsculpture


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Edelcita Griffin (The Pretty Nifty)

Like the way you made the castle

Tricia morris

So fantastic!!

Elli Warren

Love it!! You did a brilliant job!!! :-) x


Such a different take on it, you did fab x

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

Wow stunning it

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

wow! wonderful

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Bethann Dubey

Just awesome I love the castle and the sculptures are adorable :)


Love it!!

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Brilliant x