Assembly instructions

My friend sent me a photo of the baby leaning over into a box cake. The person that posted it was just an admirer not the baker/decorator so she can’t help me. My daughter is expecting a baby and I thought this would be the perfect cake for her shower this summer. I am looking at it and wondering how the little butt was attached to the legs and the side of the cake. Can anyone assist me? thanks, BakingbyJanet



A picture of the cake would be helpful to give some advice..l

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I got the same picture sent to me to lol for a baby shower coming up in a couple of months. . Would love to see if anyone had any ideas on this too! Good luck!

Amanda Bowman

O course I and sent a photo.


I received this picture on yesterday as well and I was,wondering how to construct the butt. It would the perfect baby shower cake.

Hi, this cake just popped up on my Facebook newsfeed page. The person who made it is Melanie Botha Opperman and her page is Mellie Se Koeke Goete. She posted it onto Doric Cake Craft page and explains briefly how it was made. She`ll be the best person to ask x

Julie Cains Cakes

I went bonkers over this cake when I saw it posted on facebook last November, 2015…my DIL was expecting a little girl and I thought it would be awesome for her baby shower…I posted a picture online to my local facebook page and found a girl who did a pretty darned good imitation…AND the cake was delicious and was a real hit at the babyshower!